Our Team


Sergey Shulyak

Director general

A graduate of the Department of Pediatrics of the Russian State Medical University (1994). Intensivist. Started his medical carrier in 1990 with the Intensive Care Unit of Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. In 1994 – 1996, has been working at the Reanimation and Anesthesiology Department of the Research and Practice Center of Craniofacial Surgery and Neuropathology. In 1995, joined the Data Collection Department at IMS Health Moscow Office, and headed the Data Source Department in 1996. Sergey Shulyak is one of the old-timers in DSM Group and the ideologist of the Project that initiated the Company. He is also a member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Market. As the Director, Sergey Shulyak is friendly to employees, and they reciprocate. He believes one must have an aim to strive to.

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Lilia Kuzmina


More than 10 years holds senior positions in the sphere of accounting, five of them in DSM Group command. I graduated from economics department of the Moscow institute of public administration, the right and innovative technologies. In free time is fond of big and table tennis, a driving by bicycle.

Working motto: Don't trust the one who speaks beautifully, in his words always game. Believe the one who silently creates beautiful affairs. Omar Khayyám.


Julia Nechayeva

Director of Strategic Research

A Mathematical Economist graduate with honors of the Department for Mathematical Methods and Operation Analysis in Economics of the State University of Management, who joined the pharmaceutical market in 2002. Julia Nechayeva has learnt nearly all of the pharmaceutical business directions, including production, distribution and analytics. She started employment with DSM Group in early 2005, when the Pharmaceutical Market Retail Audit Project entered the federal level. Since that time, all of her efforts are directed to the development of the apple of her eye. Julia is into extreme sports, outdoor activities and mountain hiking.


Lilit Kotsinyan

Account Manager

The combination of sophistication and attention to the customer in the construction of communication, sincere love for marketing and research, extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, from both the agency and client side. All these qualities allow Lilit to feel out of place in the company DSM Group.

« I feel like part of a large and meaningful project created for the Information Support of all pharmaceutical market. In times of crisis communication and the quality of communication with customers takes on even greater urgency and relevance. The key to success of the company and the client manager's constant advance lined up a relationship of trust with its partners and high quality service and product. A 100% match of the product and the idea that our company offers, of which I am proud to be !, - says Lilit.


Evgenia Brylova

HR Director

Responsible for the selection, training and development company. Leads an active lifestyle, rollerblading, skating and cycling. I can not imagine his life without visiting theaters and museums. As a hobby drawing. Evgenia graduated from Samara State Pedagogical University, psychology (2003), in addition graduated Moscow State University. University, Organizational Psychology (2013). Currently she continues to improve their skills by studying Gestalt therapy MIGiP.